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Beach Blast Bat Mitzvah

14 Mar

We had a great time planning this adorable Beach Blast Bat Mitzvah for Samara. Creating a beach theme indoors is always a challenge on a smaller budget but it is all in the details.  The bar offered non alcoholic specialty drinks from a fun menu and snacks like fruit skewers lined in sand (aka brown sugar) for guests to nosh on while chatting.  The dance floor was sprinkled with over 200 white lanterns to fill the space and remind guests of the free open feeling of summer.

Images L to R: Sign In Table, Escort Cards, Shell Topiary, Beach Sign Centerpieces, Beach Bar Hour, Flip Flop Cookies, Tables


Ice Cream Balloons

26 Feb

I stumbled upon this photo today on Pinterest and of course had to make a few. They are extremely easy and keeps me wanting for the summer- Ice Cream Cone Balloons!!!

Step 1- Choose paper or already made bamboo cones (sold at http://www.jbprince.com)

Step 2- Find the perfect balloons, water balloons have the right shape (sold at http://www.Amazon.com) and fill with helium.

Step 3- Choose a nice string or thin ribbon, multi colored yarn string (sold at Michaels) is my favorite.

Step 4- Tie yarn around balloon tie.

Step 5- Make small hole at the bottom of cone.

Step 6- Pull yarn through cone and make knot just under cone point.

Your Ice Cream Balloons are ready to fly!! My daughter and I had fun adding flowers on top as the cherry and we also adorned the cone with fancy bows but it’s really up to you, so get creative!!

Picture courtesy of Pinterest- Home By Heidi