Tribeca Toddlers

15 Feb

Thanks to the “Pint Size Social” event back in November I was introduced to Moomah. Moomah is a parents dream. There is food, fun everywhere you look and a great big “Funky Forest” light room where kids can play and run around before, during and after dining. I’m not sure who was happier my daughters or my husband and I. We had finally found a spot in NYC that offers a dining space that lets kids be themselves and leaves parents feeling relieved that if your child screams, no one will even blink. Some of you may be thinking Chuck E Cheese but this is the exact opposite (thank god). There are toys sprinkled throughout the farmhouse chic decor, art tables and teachers to assist, wire racks with beautiful children’s book, a comfortable bathroom stocked with diapers, wipes, toddler potty seat, steps and even a punch covered nursing chair. To top it off the food is creatively presented so your picky 3 year old just may want to eat a vegetable or two.

Sadly (as I have been meaning to write this blog post for some time now) Moomah will be closing their doors on April 1, 2012 so get there quick!
161 Hudson Street New York NY 10013 212 226 0345


Baking for Love

12 Feb

Every year I am thinking endlessly on what would be the perfect present for Valentines Day. This year I came up with an idea that I am proud of and one that I know my husband will adore…A French Macaroon Workshop!! There is some history in it for us because as a new couple we would get Fauchon and sit on our favorite Park Avenue steps. Moving forward we also based our wedding theme off of our love for them. So you get the point we are slightly obsessed :)! Here is the list of NYC bakers offering classes:

ICE e.23rd Street (800)522-4610
Mille-feuille Laguardia Place (212)533-4698
St Regis e.55th Street (212) 710-2277

Simply put

26 Jan

There is something so powerful about this statement.Image

Love is in the Air

24 Jan

There are many types of love fun, flirty, passionate to name a few.  Love can be described meticulously or carelessly but the one truth that remains for all is that it is definite.  Valentines is considered one of the slower holidays for events but it’s one of the most intimately celebrated.  If you were to pass through the windows of each home on this night you would see some sort of love being shared wether its a homemade dinner or being cuddled up for a movie by the fire or getting ready for an extravagant night on the town filled with wonderful presents.  It’s the perfect time to remember to SPEAK, HEAR, SEE LOVE!


Cleaning for a Cause

21 Jan

I was pleased to be invited to the MomTrends launch party for The Honest Co. this past Tuesday.  The company is owned by actress Jessica Alba and former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World (a national nonprofit empowering parents to protect their children from toxic risks),Christopher Gavigan. I’m not normally one to jump for celebrity ridden products but I believe this truly is one, that will help parents sleep better at night.

All of The Honest Co. products are safe, eco- friendly, smartly designed and delivered to your front door.  Both parents shared their stories on why they felt the need to create this product line and it was clear why I needed to take part in sharing and buying.

There are many reasons for me writing this post. 

1- Because I am baffled by the amount of chemicals we use in every day products without knowing the effects.

2- Because I love my children and I want the best for them.

3- Because after reading a friends story, I felt it was necessary to share this new co.


Making Lunchtime Fun

21 Jan

Donna Hay as you may not know is Australia’s leading food editor and once a year she puts out a Children’s edition that sells up quickly. Lucky for us she keeps a link of party templates for everyone to download on her site. Great for a party but also for everyday fun and in this weather, we are going to need some help!

Donna Hay Lunch Template

Pity Party

20 Jan

I have truly been meaning to make some time to get back to blogging. It seems by the time I have a free second to break my computer out and write, I remember some other task that needed completion. I question if this is my inability to let myself relax because I am completely obsessive about crossing things off “the list” or simply because with a full time job, two beautiful little girls, a high maintenance Yorkie and a husband who is working even in his sleep..there is just no time left. I could make some phony promise to myself that I will create some time just for me, but let’s be honest it’s not going to happen. This is why events come naturally to me.  I need to get things done right then and there and I don’t put off today what I could do tomorrow. Many people may not understand my philosophy and can become tired just watching, but for me it works. As an Event Planner/Designer I see many people who believe they can “do events” and that they have an “eye for it” but more times than none I have watched people fail because it is way more complicated than they have anticipated. Trust me to have the skill set, level of taste and the energy to get it all done on time is not easy.  So there you have it my first Pity Party and now we can move on….