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Star Wars Toothbrush Launch Party

17 Mar

Last week I was invited to attend to launch party for G.U.M Star Wars toothbrushes.  The event was held in Times Square at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  I had never been to RBION and I’m not sure I would go back but it definitely fit the bill for this Darth Vader themed event.  

Kids were lining up to get their hands on a light saber and take photos by Bellamy Blue with Darth himself but the real fun was in the dark hole.  I’m not sure if this comes with age but I was lost in Vertigo while children ranging from ages 2-10 were running through this thing like it was nobody’s business.  I sat by the entrance looking in the opposite direction just so I could feel normalcy.  There was a Laser Race and Star Wars scavenger hunt and even some arts and crafts.  All this to “learn to brush like a Jedi”.


The Lightsaber toothbrush flashes light for 60 second intervals to train kids to brush longer for better oral care. $3.49.


Defend against cavities with these tips from Dr. Ignelzi:

  • Make sure you have the right amount of fluoride – 20 to 40%.
  • Avoid sticky food. Fruit roll ups are the worst food for children’s teeth. Sugar dissolves to acid, rotting the tooth.
  • Make your child’s first dental visit on their first birthday.
  • Floss as soon as your child will tolerate it. Use the floss pick for ease.
  • Get into a routine. Brush morning and night. 86% of dentists agree the routine of brushing your teeth is important.
  • Replace toothbrush every three months or once bristles splay.
  • Rinse with fluoride rinse as soon as your child is coordinated enough and can spit.
  • Get sealants on permanent teeth. Not on baby teeth. 90% of cavities in permanent teeth begin in the groves. Sealant can prevent 9 out of 10 cavities.
  • Get fluoride in water. Buy bottled water with fluoride. Dannon water to go. Bottle water. Dentist or doctor can write script for kids.
  • Image

itty bitty idea blog

14 Mar

As parties are concerned we like them big on details!!  We plan every party with a bit of whimsy and fun loving excellence.  We spend every weekend scouting out the perfect locations with kids in tow and trying several goodies as we go. Our blog is here to stay capturing moments of our day, products, spaces, food, decor and much much more. Keep us bookmarked, check in when you can and when you have a party in mind you can call us to plan!

Thank You To WIX!

14 Mar

Thank you to WIX for choosing us as this weeks featured site!

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“Event planning company Itty Bitty Ideas uses Wix to display their talents at creating customized, unique events for children.”

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Beach Blast Bat Mitzvah

14 Mar

We had a great time planning this adorable Beach Blast Bat Mitzvah for Samara. Creating a beach theme indoors is always a challenge on a smaller budget but it is all in the details.  The bar offered non alcoholic specialty drinks from a fun menu and snacks like fruit skewers lined in sand (aka brown sugar) for guests to nosh on while chatting.  The dance floor was sprinkled with over 200 white lanterns to fill the space and remind guests of the free open feeling of summer.

Images L to R: Sign In Table, Escort Cards, Shell Topiary, Beach Sign Centerpieces, Beach Bar Hour, Flip Flop Cookies, Tables

Bake Shop Birthday Bash

4 Mar

Bake Shop birthdays are so much fun and the best part about them is – you get to eat what you make.  We scouted a great spot on the Upper East Side in Manhattan to hold this special birthday…Sprinkles cupcakes!  The location was a perfect pick because not only was there a great large window for the sunshine to come in but the mini furniture made it a wonderful setting for kids to play, eat and talk.  Pink epoxy floors and white modern furniture were the big draw even though they had us at “cupcakes”!

We had a fun food cart created to display our chefs fun finger foods that were accessible to the children which they loved.  The cart had some great details like a red and white striped fabric awning giving it a vintage bake shop feel.

All activities were cupcake and sweet related like ice cream cone bubbles, lollipop music makers and foam decorate your own cupcake art right before making the real thing.  Parents and kids alike really enjoyed getting messy, creative and silly all at once.

Finally the favors- Each child was lucky enough to score a personalized baking apron and fancy cupcake wrapper flower or bow tie chef hats to take home with some extra cupcakes and toys.  It was a party we still hear great feedback about and we love that!!!

First Birthday – 1940’s Bathing Beauties Pool Party

27 Feb

There is something I love about creating events for children under two.  Maybe it’s the excitement of the first of many parties to come or the amount of people who clear their calendars to spend this special day with your little cutie.  For me it may just be that it’s the only birthday a child will let you choose the theme without getting upset.  That opens the doors to creating something different, fun and wonderful. Of course at Itty Bitty we never throw your typical children’s event with paper plates and plastic tablecloths, so you can always expect an elevated design based on whatever your child chooses.   However, I do love this One Year Olds “1940’s Bathing Beauties Pool Party” birthday we created a little while back.


Images L to R: Photo/Prop Station, BeachBar & Tables, Snack Menu, 40’s Style, Soda Table, Candy Table, 7-L Cake

Ice Cream Balloons

26 Feb

I stumbled upon this photo today on Pinterest and of course had to make a few. They are extremely easy and keeps me wanting for the summer- Ice Cream Cone Balloons!!!

Step 1- Choose paper or already made bamboo cones (sold at

Step 2- Find the perfect balloons, water balloons have the right shape (sold at and fill with helium.

Step 3- Choose a nice string or thin ribbon, multi colored yarn string (sold at Michaels) is my favorite.

Step 4- Tie yarn around balloon tie.

Step 5- Make small hole at the bottom of cone.

Step 6- Pull yarn through cone and make knot just under cone point.

Your Ice Cream Balloons are ready to fly!! My daughter and I had fun adding flowers on top as the cherry and we also adorned the cone with fancy bows but it’s really up to you, so get creative!!

Picture courtesy of Pinterest- Home By Heidi