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Thank You To WIX!

14 Mar

Thank you to WIX for choosing us as this weeks featured site!

Loungers Who Love Wix 
This Week’s Featured Site
“Event planning company Itty Bitty Ideas uses Wix to display their talents at creating customized, unique events for children.”

itty bitty ideas


Beach Blast Bat Mitzvah

14 Mar

We had a great time planning this adorable Beach Blast Bat Mitzvah for Samara. Creating a beach theme indoors is always a challenge on a smaller budget but it is all in the details.  The bar offered non alcoholic specialty drinks from a fun menu and snacks like fruit skewers lined in sand (aka brown sugar) for guests to nosh on while chatting.  The dance floor was sprinkled with over 200 white lanterns to fill the space and remind guests of the free open feeling of summer.

Images L to R: Sign In Table, Escort Cards, Shell Topiary, Beach Sign Centerpieces, Beach Bar Hour, Flip Flop Cookies, Tables

Tribeca Toddlers

15 Feb

Thanks to the “Pint Size Social” event back in November I was introduced to Moomah. Moomah is a parents dream. There is food, fun everywhere you look and a great big “Funky Forest” light room where kids can play and run around before, during and after dining. I’m not sure who was happier my daughters or my husband and I. We had finally found a spot in NYC that offers a dining space that lets kids be themselves and leaves parents feeling relieved that if your child screams, no one will even blink. Some of you may be thinking Chuck E Cheese but this is the exact opposite (thank god). There are toys sprinkled throughout the farmhouse chic decor, art tables and teachers to assist, wire racks with beautiful children’s book, a comfortable bathroom stocked with diapers, wipes, toddler potty seat, steps and even a punch covered nursing chair. To top it off the food is creatively presented so your picky 3 year old just may want to eat a vegetable or two.

Sadly (as I have been meaning to write this blog post for some time now) Moomah will be closing their doors on April 1, 2012 so get there quick!
161 Hudson Street New York NY 10013 212 226 0345