Star Wars Toothbrush Launch Party

17 Mar

Last week I was invited to attend to launch party for G.U.M Star Wars toothbrushes.  The event was held in Times Square at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  I had never been to RBION and I’m not sure I would go back but it definitely fit the bill for this Darth Vader themed event.  

Kids were lining up to get their hands on a light saber and take photos by Bellamy Blue with Darth himself but the real fun was in the dark hole.  I’m not sure if this comes with age but I was lost in Vertigo while children ranging from ages 2-10 were running through this thing like it was nobody’s business.  I sat by the entrance looking in the opposite direction just so I could feel normalcy.  There was a Laser Race and Star Wars scavenger hunt and even some arts and crafts.  All this to “learn to brush like a Jedi”.


The Lightsaber toothbrush flashes light for 60 second intervals to train kids to brush longer for better oral care. $3.49.


Defend against cavities with these tips from Dr. Ignelzi:

  • Make sure you have the right amount of fluoride – 20 to 40%.
  • Avoid sticky food. Fruit roll ups are the worst food for children’s teeth. Sugar dissolves to acid, rotting the tooth.
  • Make your child’s first dental visit on their first birthday.
  • Floss as soon as your child will tolerate it. Use the floss pick for ease.
  • Get into a routine. Brush morning and night. 86% of dentists agree the routine of brushing your teeth is important.
  • Replace toothbrush every three months or once bristles splay.
  • Rinse with fluoride rinse as soon as your child is coordinated enough and can spit.
  • Get sealants on permanent teeth. Not on baby teeth. 90% of cavities in permanent teeth begin in the groves. Sealant can prevent 9 out of 10 cavities.
  • Get fluoride in water. Buy bottled water with fluoride. Dannon water to go. Bottle water. Dentist or doctor can write script for kids.
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