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First Birthday – 1940’s Bathing Beauties Pool Party

27 Feb

There is something I love about creating events for children under two.  Maybe it’s the excitement of the first of many parties to come or the amount of people who clear their calendars to spend this special day with your little cutie.  For me it may just be that it’s the only birthday a child will let you choose the theme without getting upset.  That opens the doors to creating something different, fun and wonderful. Of course at Itty Bitty we never throw your typical children’s event with paper plates and plastic tablecloths, so you can always expect an elevated design based on whatever your child chooses.   However, I do love this One Year Olds “1940’s Bathing Beauties Pool Party” birthday we created a little while back.


Images L to R: Photo/Prop Station, BeachBar & Tables, Snack Menu, 40’s Style, Soda Table, Candy Table, 7-L Cake


Ice Cream Balloons

26 Feb

I stumbled upon this photo today on Pinterest and of course had to make a few. They are extremely easy and keeps me wanting for the summer- Ice Cream Cone Balloons!!!

Step 1- Choose paper or already made bamboo cones (sold at

Step 2- Find the perfect balloons, water balloons have the right shape (sold at and fill with helium.

Step 3- Choose a nice string or thin ribbon, multi colored yarn string (sold at Michaels) is my favorite.

Step 4- Tie yarn around balloon tie.

Step 5- Make small hole at the bottom of cone.

Step 6- Pull yarn through cone and make knot just under cone point.

Your Ice Cream Balloons are ready to fly!! My daughter and I had fun adding flowers on top as the cherry and we also adorned the cone with fancy bows but it’s really up to you, so get creative!!

Picture courtesy of Pinterest- Home By Heidi

Tribeca Toddlers

15 Feb

Thanks to the “Pint Size Social” event back in November I was introduced to Moomah. Moomah is a parents dream. There is food, fun everywhere you look and a great big “Funky Forest” light room where kids can play and run around before, during and after dining. I’m not sure who was happier my daughters or my husband and I. We had finally found a spot in NYC that offers a dining space that lets kids be themselves and leaves parents feeling relieved that if your child screams, no one will even blink. Some of you may be thinking Chuck E Cheese but this is the exact opposite (thank god). There are toys sprinkled throughout the farmhouse chic decor, art tables and teachers to assist, wire racks with beautiful children’s book, a comfortable bathroom stocked with diapers, wipes, toddler potty seat, steps and even a punch covered nursing chair. To top it off the food is creatively presented so your picky 3 year old just may want to eat a vegetable or two.

Sadly (as I have been meaning to write this blog post for some time now) Moomah will be closing their doors on April 1, 2012 so get there quick!
161 Hudson Street New York NY 10013 212 226 0345

Baking for Love

12 Feb

Every year I am thinking endlessly on what would be the perfect present for Valentines Day. This year I came up with an idea that I am proud of and one that I know my husband will adore…A French Macaroon Workshop!! There is some history in it for us because as a new couple we would get Fauchon and sit on our favorite Park Avenue steps. Moving forward we also based our wedding theme off of our love for them. So you get the point we are slightly obsessed :)! Here is the list of NYC bakers offering classes:

ICE e.23rd Street (800)522-4610
Mille-feuille Laguardia Place (212)533-4698
St Regis e.55th Street (212) 710-2277